Heating | Boilers

Advanced Energy Technologies offers steam boiler and pollution control abatement systems that is designed to deliver efficient energy conversion at the lowest cost possible.

STEAM BOILERS- AET with its partners provide efficient & cost-effective solutions for process steam and power generation. We offer waste heat recovery boilers, biomass, diesel and natural gas boilers.

BOILER ACCESSORIES – We supply a wide range of products and equipment like steam boiler, hot water generators, air & water pre heaters, economizers, electrostatic precipitator and other pollution control accessories.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)- At AET, you can rely on full project management and execution. We offer piping, mechanical, electrical, civil/structural, and electrical works.

Cooling | Chillers & Air Conditioning

An environment-friendly chiller that do not require electricity to produce chilled water for central air-conditioning and process chilling system.

Chiller Types

  • Direct fired Chiller
  • Exhaust Feed Chiller
  • Gas Feed Chiller

Non Electric Chillers – AET with its partner offers Non-Electric Central air conditioning and process chiller under built-in vacuum condition powered by natural gas, hot water, exhaust gas, and waste heat.

Chiller Accessories– We offer various chiller accessories and chemicals for chilling, refrigeration and air conditioning processes

Air-conditioning & Chiller Services – We do Refrigeration and Air Conditioning maintenance services and air ducting installations

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