• Boiler
  • Chiller

Heating & Cooling

Advanced Energy Technologies offers steam boiler and pollution control abatement systems that is designed to deliver efficient energy conversion at the lowest cost possible.

STEAM BOILERS- AET with its partners provide efficient & cost-effective solutions for process steam and power generation. We offer waste heat recovery boilers, biomass, diesel…

Water Technologies

AET & its partner in water technology uses its expertise in the conceptualization, design and development of wide range of water treatment plants. AET offers various solutions to every market – buildings, institutional, commercial, industrial …

Water Technologies

  • Water treatment Plant
  • Sewage & Effluent treatment Plant
  • Zero Discharge Plant
  • Multi Stage Biological Treatment


  • Solar
  • Biomass

Renewables | Solar

With the increasing trend of solar power installation, AET Solar ensures that it only offers advanced PV solar designs having cost efficient and high performance solar panels. We offer end to end support, EPC and BOOT both for rooftop and ground mounted installations for various businesses …

Waste Management

Advanced Energy Technology is also in the business of Waste Management especially in Waste to Energy processes. As a renewable energy company, AET promotes an environment-friendly procedure of utilizing different wastes and converting it to useful energy.

Waste Management

  • Medical Waste
  • Waste to Energy conversion
  • Pollution Control

Why work with us

Advanced Energy Technologies / Renewables Plus Co. Inc. (AET) is an energy efficiency & distributed power generation company.   AET is an expert at project development in the waste-to-energy technologies of biogas and biomass power plants.  AET promotes the use of advanced and more efficient power drivers and energy systems for the growing distributed power sector in the Southeast Asian region.

AET operates primarily in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.  With local partners, AET develops projects in Cambodia and Myanmar as well.  Importantly, AET maintains service capabilities for power plant & chiller machine operations & maintenance through dedicated technical resource personnel in its major markets with offices in Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta.

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