Renewables | Solar

With the increasing trend of solar power installation, AET Solar ensures that it only offers advanced PV solar designs having cost efficient and high performance solar panels. We offer end to end support, EPC and BOOT both for rooftop and ground mounted installations for various businesses including commercial buildings, corporate offices, industrial plants, institutes, warehouse, stores and in the public sectors.

Advanced Energy Technologies offers the “solar power as a service”. We install Pv solar plant system to clients at zero first cost. The payments will made by monthly collection according to the actual solar power generation of installed solar plant or according to a predetermine flat rate that is less than the utility electric cost per kWh.

Renewables | Fuels & Biomass

AET continues to deliver energy-efficient system by harnessing renewable & sustainable energy sources for power generation. We are conducting research to identify alternative fuels that can competitively substitute coal and other hydrocarbon fuels.

We also support the development of biomass gasification system that can balance agricultural products for animal feedstock and for fuel source.

Waste to energy

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