AET offers a 100% financing programs for short term and long-term rental agreements. We offer Build Own Operate-Transfer (BOOT), Build Operate-Transfer (BOT) and other financing models for industrial and commercial projects. AET and its Financial partners is tailoring to make programs allowing clients to expand their business, improve production and acquire new facilities with little to no capital budget expense.

AET Water Technology Financing

AET offers a project financing called the “water-as-a-service” solution, through a Service or a Build-Own-Operate  (BOO) Contract Model. Service Contract can be for 5 to 10 years (or more), where End-users pay a monthly service fee, instead of buying the System. AET shall operate and maintain all Systems for the length of the contract period

AET with its partners also invest in decentralized water and wastewaters solutions,  servicing both industrial and municipal end-users

Decentralized Water Systems include the following types of equipment:

  • Industrial water treatment, e.g. membrane filtration systems
  • Industrial water reuse and recycling
  • Industrial wastewater and waste treatment
  • Industrial sludge drying equipment
  • Municipal drinking water systems
  • Municipal sewage and septage treatment

AET Solar Financing

Financing is an important facet of all types of solar pv power plant implementation. AET has formed working ties with financing groups to fund onsite power, hybrid projects and utility solar pv projects.

Our Solar pv plant financing offer can be a rooftop or field mounted installation for 50kW to 5MW capacities. This installation can be made in:

  1. Power Plants
  2. Industrial Plants
  3. Commercial Buildings

Smaller establishments may avail our short-term roof-mounted solar pv plant deferred payment model for 15kW to 40kW capacities.

Residential buildings may also avail our 3-installment payment for solar mounted solar pv plant for 1kW to 14kW capacities.

AET Capital Equipment Financing

Capital equipment is considered as an investment directly related to profit generation. Investment cost associated with capital equipment purchase is very crucial in an organization since it involves a huge amount of money that may affect its short- and long-term operations – AET as a project developer, offers its “Engineering As a Service” financing model in the capital equipment purchase. AET undertakes the supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment as well as the operation & maintenance over a fixed term before the transfer of ownership to the client.

Current equipment for financing:

  1. Steam Boilers and Balance of Plant
  2. Vapor Absorption Machine and Balance of Plant

How does it work?

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Tigris Water Company (TWC) – Singapore Financial Partner for AET

  • Tigris Water Company (TWC), a Singapore-based Investment Firm established to meet market needs for Decentralized Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems also for solar rooftop PV & energy efficiency projects such as water based chillers & lower cost automation


RENEW and the infrastructure financing firm, QUANTIKA of Chennai

These major financing groups provide capital from portfolios that they manage for institutional and high net worth investors in water, solar and energy efficiency systems.